Ask yourself, what is stopping the Corrupt parts of our Government to come after anybody including you next for any reason they disagree with if they are allowed to successfully maneuver around committing crimes like these discussed against their own citizens?

The power usurped by the Government is extremely unbalanced and not distributed between the three branches of Government as it was designed. This certainly puts a need in limiting the growth and expansion of Government, because as every other country found that caved it's own freedoms, too much power in the hands of any one person or branch of Government tends to lead straight to tyrannical lead and tyrannical suppression

So at this point citizens must make a decision… Either accept that America has completely folded to socialistic and communist ideals to include free speech being abolished and persecution for your beliefs and political speech, or taking a hard stand against the things and people you know are wrong and help protect America for another generation. To me the answer is a no brainer.


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