Riding With The Outlaw “The Patriot Games Continue”

Oxford, MS is a city known to more than a few as “The Velvet Ditch” due to the frequency of people either moving away only to return to it later, or due to so many simply not moving from its boundaries period. It’s just days away from the 1-year anniversary of my return to The Velvet Ditch of Mississippi, and the past year has most certainly been a nail biting son-of-a-bitch full of trials and tribulations both literally and figuratively. Not just for me either. It definitely takes a level of boldness and ferociousness mixed with complete conviction. Meanwhile the state/county continues to dig a deeper ditch for itself. Riding with the Outlaw has taken on all forms of a modern day David vs Goliath as I predicted from the beginning. Just wait until you read the lengthy list of things uncovered just over the last year which will help put things into perspective. I’m anticipating being done with that article by tomorrow at noon, although I am optimistic about having it done by this evening. Connect with me via email at mr@outlaw.email. I’d love to hear your thoughts