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MBI Complicity Scandal

Oxford Outlaw Matt Reardon is not holding back when it comes to voicing his extreme disdain and distrust in certain agencies whom have not provided any assistance or initiated any type of investigation into the scandal surrounding Oxford Mayor Robyn Tannehill.

Tannehill continues to stay lock lipped about any and all claims Reardon has asserted in regards to the alleged serious crimes and what he claims amounts to Election Fraud through conspiracy to deprive the civil rights of another and successful deprivation of rights he has aggrieved.

It is these reasons that Reardon firmly asserts give rise to a his completely valid claim that Tannehill’s election as mayor should without any doubts whatsoever be declared illegitimate by way of fraud committed, and that she should be permanently barred from being able to hold any public office.

Reardon stresses that time is of the essence with Tannehill having her sight set on re-election next month for an additional 4 years as Oxford’s Mayor. The MBI isn’t the only agency that has refused to answer the cry for help in combatting institutionalized public corruption within the Government branches. The Attorney General’s Office under the oversight of Lynn Fitch has been quiet and refusing to assess the evidence before its very eyes. Even more alarming is the fact that more recently solid evidence has come to light in regards to extremely foul play and widespread corruption involving the FBI, US Attorney’s Office for the Northern District of Mississippi, and in turn the Department of Justice being that the DOJ is responsible for the Office of the US Attorney AND the FBI. The DOJ has refused to take any accountability or responsibility for their Agency, the FBI, mishandling an investigative report called a 302 or any other report that was generated May 25th 2017 after Reardon voluntarily sat down with two agents at the recommendation of Assistant US Attorney Bob Norman. It would definitely poke holes in their derived system if they lost it or “weren’t able to locate it” as they made direct reference to, which honestly is a better, more acceptable predicament for the FBI.

Make no mistake about it, the report does indeed exist and the information contained in it (if written accurately) would prove every last thing that Matt Reardon AKA The Oxford Outlaw has claimed and made reference to, and this in turn would demonstrate an unprecedented level of culpable negligence on the United States highest investigative agency, an office of its federal prosecutors, and its Agency that oversees the administration of Justice (with the biggest of planks in its own eyes).

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